WIX Review

Important Advantages and Disadvantages of Using WIX to Create a Website

There are hundreds of ways to create a website: from coding to using constructors. WIX is an excellent option for developing promising projects. The company originates back in 2006 and remains afloat, as it offers an effective and comprehensive solution. We decided to test the WIX to create a pretty small project. It was an exciting and interesting process. We decided to share our impressions of using WIX and talk about its pros and cons for web development.

You can find out about current subscription options and prices here.

First, let’s talk about the features of web development in general. In fact, you can choose any of the thousands available ways to achieve your goal. For example, you only need to display some information for you audience. In this case, the minimum necessary tools set includes a PC and a plain text editor for writing HTML code.

You can choose any of a large number of approaches to project implementation: from full outsourcing to “do it yourself”. And this choice depends on your skills, financial and time resources.

It does not matter whether you want to get a simple blog or a large online store, the subsequent operation, scaling, website management will be determined by the way it was created.

If you look at your project in the long term, such things as versatility, functionality and brand are all depend on the method of its implementation.  You can choose the simplest way to create a website and regret it in the future. However, there is no “best” way to create a website, since each option has some pros and cons. You can choose only optimal approach for your particular case and nothing more.

What is WIX?

WIX is a platform that operates on the servers of its creators, since all of its program code is contained there as well. You get a powerful set of tools for constructing a site of almost any complexity. In addition, you have access to the administrative panel to manage the site. These are features of WIX that distinguish it from other platforms, which can be downloaded in its entirety and modified – including the program code – at your discretion.

Let’s use the analogy with the real estate industry. Using WIX you rent an apartment for your needs, while using other platforms you pay the entire cost of buying a building. The lease provides you with the ability to control all important aspects. However, you cannot demolish the building when you want. So, we have a compromise between control and convenience.

Direct competitors to WIX are WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace and some other similar systems.

WordPress is probably the main rival for WIX. This is a comprehensive solution with open source and free download, which is available for installation on almost any hosting, and provides ample opportunities for making fine-tuning.

Is WIX Safe?

Yes, it is. It is an absolutely secure software product owned by a publicly traded company that complies with all security and confidentiality requirements for the data being processed, including the payment methods used. You can use WIX to create a website at any time. This solution has some drawbacks. However, the main advantages of WIX are complete security and a good reputation.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can choose a free tariff plan, but with one condition – you have to use their subdomain. This means that part of the name of your site will contain “wix”, for example mywebservice.wix.com. In addition, you will post WIX ad units, and as result you get limited functionality only. By purchasing a premium plan, you can rid yourself of these restrictions. This is a great option for both small and large projects.

There is a list of free options for project implementation. Now we will look at the full set of WIX tools needed by everyone to create a full-fledged website.

Does this suit you? Then let’s look at the WIX in more detail.

We want to add that we do not claim to be independent experts in the web development field and receive some commissions from all the brands mentioned in this post.

WIX Benefits for Website Developing

WIX was created as a general solution for the web industry as a whole, and not just as another competitor to WordPress, Weebly and other similar systems.

In the mid-2000s, many web development professionals did not recognize WIX because it was using unsuccessful Flash technology. This toolkit was used to create small amateur sites primarily.

Times change, and WIX has long abandoned Flash. Due to large investment injections, the developers have significantly improved WIX, expanding the list of available marketing tools and adding functionality to meet the specific needs of small businesses.

When examining the flaws of WIX, we will talk about some doubts of professional marketers who consider the list of available tools to be still insufficient. However, WIX developers set themselves the goal of creating a simple and convenient system with the help of which everyone can create a full-fledged website without unnecessary gestures.

If the WIX was a cup of coffee, then this is not Starbucks coffee, but one bought somewhere at the gas station. It is not much inferior in taste and at the same time invigorates you, because it also contains caffeine.

Cost Issue

This is not an issue in fact, since WIX gives you the opportunity to create a website for free – but introduces some limitations. These limitations apply to certain functions and file storage methods. Also – as we mentioned above – you will have to put up with the presence of “wix” in the domain. Paid tariff plans are more likely a disadvantage of WIX. However, some of them have competitive advantages.

By choosing the right tariff plan, you will receive the necessary set of tools for solving specific tasks.

They offer reasonable prices. However, some plans include useless tools such as Form Builder and others.

You can get a significant discount provided for each tariff plan under the scheme: the longer the subscription period – the greater discount amount.

You will know the “true” cost in advance, and also find out the full cost of the chosen plan + discount without tricks.

Website Setup

WIX has a polished functionality and excellent design. From version to version, this system becomes much better. Now the main window is deprived of all the “superfluous” while all the important functions are saved.

WIX makes many things easier. There are set of tools, ready-made templates and tips here. You can add any item with a simple drag and drop to the place you want. The visual mode is much simpler than coding, and this determines the popularity of similar site constructors. You will see the result of your actions immediately. Here are some examples of what can be done with WIX.

You can easily select a suitable design, create several pages, add elements for navigation. If you are a novice web developer, then WIX will be your best bet.

You will see many options available in the main window. However, the developers of WIX were able to find a balance between overcrowding of tools and simplicity.

It will be easy for you to start developing from scratch, as they strive to help you take every step towards creating your website. They will send all the necessary instructions to your email immediately after creating an account in WIX.

This system is mobile friendly. You can start site developing from a smartphone or tablet, and then adjust the result on the PC.


Recently, they presented new features on the choice of themes for the site and also reworked the previously used design. WIX has offered nice themes before. However, now they have become awesome.

The themes for SquareSpace and WIX have some differences. However, you are offered a wide selection of modern templates. And you do not have to create professional photos to get a unique design.

Recently, a design selection function using AI technology has been added. Now the developing site process has become even easier and faster.

WIX relies on design and this is a key feature of this product.

In addition, websites created with WIX have two important features: cross-platform (they adapt their content to the dimensions of the device displays) and adaptability to the browser, which is important for users with diseases of the visual organs. Usually, those who create a website with their own hands do not have time to test the functions and design. That’s why the WIX is so good.

Page Load Time and Security

The site you created will be hosted on a WIX server. First of all, it means that real professionals are responsible for your safety. Secondly, you will get maximum performance. Your users will not wait for a long time, which means they will stay with you. See the results of our tests:

Most WIX scripts are written in JavaScript code. This means that test results may vary depending on the complexity and scale of the project. Sites show a good response to the action, but full-page load takes time. Many developers do not prefer such approach. However, it fully meets the requirements of ordinary users.

With WIX, you create an absolutely secure and fairly fast site, without worrying about things like caching, encryption algorithms development, and so on. If you need a simple website, you can implement it in a short time period. However, to obtain specific functionality, some modifications will be required.

Support and Documentation

Your website created on WIX may contain problems related directly to this system. Accordingly, all these things have a strong relationship. However, there is not a type of log with error records that occurred at some time.

If you have any problems with configuring the site or it does not work correctly, you can always contact the support specialists. You can also explore the WIX documentation and will receive links to useful resources by email.

In some cases, WIX experts could not provide adequate assistance in solving problems. However, such problems were extremely specific. In other cases, WIX quickly offers the best solution.

For example, WIX will quickly help to solve almost any domain connection problems. In addition, they prevented various problems by making many things easier. Now you can enable and disable SSL in one click.

However, you cannot replace the template on an already published site. In this case, even WIX support will not help you.

It should be remembered that this system has some limitations, and even WIX professionals will not help you overcome them.

Site Specialization

WIX offers turnkey solutions for specific customers and business. They studied their audience and market to provide ready-made templates and functions for each area.

During registration process, you choose any of the available options for doing business, such as a shop, restaurant and sports club. So, you get the right set of tools and corresponding templates at the initial stage of interaction with WIX.

Continuous Development and Improvement

WIX will always hold strong positions as it is a publicly traded company specializing in website development.

This means that WIX has clear incentives to further improve its own product in order to continue to get profit from the development of websites.

This is a very important aspect, since many companies offer several software products at once. Each of these products is at risk of stagnation if priorities change.

You can watch such events with Blogger and Google Sites.  Many loves these systems. However, Google clearly does not seek to develop and improve them in the near future.

You should always be aware of how your supplier earns your profit. This is very important so you can know whether to hope for an optimal customer-supplier relationship in the future. As for WIX, it is a reliable professional in its field.

WIX Disadvantages

Like any of the hundreds of ways to design a website, WIX has some drawbacks that we cannot ignore. Despite the long path of development and the complete abandonment of Flash, this system still cannot be considered as flawless.

You can find a lot of negative reviews about WIX on the Internet, and some of them are quite justified. However, many complaints about WIX are completely unfounded. Let’s get some opinions about this product.

This is what the HackerNews users came to:

“This is an absolutely unacceptable option for those who are a professional web developer.

I spent a few hours on the WIX and got a good user experience. I liked the design toolkit which is enough to create a nice-looking site in a short time.

After a while I ran into some limitations in the page design. Similar problems can be easily solved using a different product, but not with WIX.

However, I was impressed with what I saw. They were able to provide a solution that will help many non-professionals create their own website. Better performance and flexibility are things that the WIX still lacks at this stage.”

We took into account the above and found some disadvantages of WIX which will be discussed below.

When describing the shortcomings of this system, I used my opinion as a representative of a small business who wants to get a simple and fast solution for creating a website.

Paid Plans

The cost of a WIX subscription starts at $ 4.08 per month. However, ad units are still displayed.

The cost of an adequate set of WIX tools will be higher than that of the main competitors – Weebly and Squarespace. And it is much more expensive than using relatively free solutions like WordPress. You may face restrictions on the bandwidth and storage of your files.

If you plan to be with WIX for several months, you will have to pay more than using alternative solutions and even more expensive than sites hosted on third-party hosting such as Bluehost or InMotion Hosting (the latter contains the BoldGrid tool for simply moving WordPress sites).

Customize and Design

Drag-and-drop editing is simple and intuitive. However, there is too much leeway here, since you can take and place any element anywhere on the page. This lacks some kind of mesh or binding.

There are tools like ruler and others, but they do not solve the problem completely. You still have to put a lot of effort to get an acceptable result. However, you can use pre-built templates and a smart machine-learning-based function.

However, you will spend significantly more time – than the WIX promises – before you get a really good design.

Additional Modules

You cannot create an all-inclusive solution, and Apple, Android, and even WIX do not succeed. Therefore, the Wix App Market was created where you can download the applications and extensions you need.

Thus, WIX attracted third-party developers to create additional solutions to the main platform. However, some applications in the store turned out to be fakes – IFrames, which are added to the new page.

Many useful apps have been added to the Wix App Market lately. For example, you can use a forum native app, which is envied by the main competitors of WIX.

But many of these apps are not fully integrated into WIX.

For example, by installing Etsy you actually get a shop window in your site, since this is an IFrame, and not fully compatible app.

This approach is simple to implement and is technically workable. However, this solution cannot be called “perfect”. It could be considered as such, if you had an app for installation that is fully integrated into your site. IFrame-based solutions cannot be linked to the analytics of your site.

Lack of Professional SEO Tools

SEO experts have never considered WIX sites seriously, especially during the days when Flash prevailed. Using Flash is associated with many problems in the technical implementation of SEO postulates.

WIX was still heavily criticized several years ago for the discrepancy between what was promised and reality.

However, over the course of several years, the WIX has been changing for the better.

Now, Googlebot crawls and indexes WIX-based websites much better.

In addition, they worked on what pages are visible to search bots, and which remain “invisible.” Here is an example of the latest redirect implementation on WIX.

In addition, SEO has become too dependent on the market needs.

In this regard, there are some problems in the implementation of the CEO.

For example, the principles of SEO for a large international online market and a small local store are very different.

John Muller spoke about this in the Google Webmaster Help Thread. According to him, the search engine works well with WIX websites.

Many users choose WIX because it provides the most necessary tools (basic kit) and ample opportunities for design development.

Speaking like a professional, I would not recommend WIX to many clients for various reasons that are beyond the scope of this post.

But if you want to create your own site yourself without attracting third-party assistance, WIX is your best choice.

For example, WIX has become a great helper for a small flower business owner.

Worth it?

If the updated content and the link to Google My Business are crucial aspects of SEO for a particular project, then WIX successfully handles this.

If your project depends on non-brand organic search, then you will encounter serious shortcomings of this system.

If your leads depend on word of mouth, social networks and referrals only, then WIX will be optimal solution.

However, if you hired SEO professionals and your project depends on SEO in the long term, then WIX will be a serious obstacle to future development.

Restrictions on Technical Implementation and Marketing Toolkit

A good set of marketing tools forced to get along with some technical limitations of WIX.

They are built-in, but for the further success of WIX they should eliminate this.

WIX offers a good selection to meet the needs of small business owners. There is CRM and eCommerce software and much more.

If you need additional functionality, you will have problems inserting code on the site. In the near future, WIX promises to add some features like Schema for business information, music, and events — but not yet. More sophisticated tools for retargeting, mailing lists and other things is something difficult or not at all possible in WIX.

WIX contains many useful tools, but one day you may face the problem of the absence of any function you need.

Data Export

When your business grows and expands, the moment comes when you need to move your platform.

Choosing WIX, you lose the opportunity to export data. This is like a room move when all the furniture is glued to the house.

You will not be able to transfer data to a new site except to copy it manually – it is tiring or even impossible. WIX is working to enable transitions. However, now this functionality is still unavailable.

WIX eCommerce Functionality

By choosing a VIP plan, you can set up your online store. It offers a good set of e-commerce tools. However, the WIX is inferior to such competitors as Shopify or Have. WIX offers a shopping cart and the ability to accept payments, that’s all for now.

This is good for lead-generation sites or information portals that do not specialize in sales only. For example, the sports club website owner wants to sell several branded souvenirs.

If you specialize in eCommerce only, then WIX is not the best solution. We recommend choosing WordPress + WooCommerce, Shopify or Bigcommerce for such purposes.

Here is a small last year video review. However, the functionality is preserved.  As for backend design, some things have changed for the better.


WIX remains a recognizable brand in the field of integrated solutions to create websites DIY. This is the first platform (created in 2006) that offered a way to develop websites without having to write no line of program code.

WIX contains built-in tools that make 100% convenient website developing process, and it meets the needs of those who create websites with their own hands. However, from the professional developers’ point of view, this system has several drawbacks.

If you find WIX is what you need – see the tariff plans here.

If you are looking for an alternative option – there are many other site constructors among which you can find the best one for yourself.